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Informative notice on the protection of personal data as ordered by Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003.


Legislative decree 196/03 ("Law") limits the use of personal data. "Personal data" refers to any information relating to a physical or legal person, entity, or association ("the party") who allows unambiguous identification, direct or indirect, of the party. "Handling of personal data" refers to the collection, recording, organization and storage, elaboration, selection, extraction and collation, communication and diffusion, modification, blocking, cancellation and destruction of personal data. The law requires, by principle and with some specific exceptions, the consent of the party. A collective body is instituted by law to act as guarantor, charged with the protection of subjects related to the handling of personal data. The law also requires that the party is provided with the appropriate information regarding the content of the law, with particular reference to their own rights. Such information is expressly summarized in this informative notice. 


Personal data intended for our informative archives and records and those of other subjects on behalf of the recipients of this informative notice are collected directly from the party or third parties. In the first case, the informative notice is personally provided to the party at the time the data is collected. In the second case, the information is provided at the time the data is recorded. 


Personal data may be handled for: fulfillment of legal requirements, regulatory requirements or community law (for example, for the purpose of managing relationships with social service and welfare agencies, or communications with police), fulfillment of contractual, pre-contractual, and legal obligations initiated by the relationship established with the party (for example, accounting and tax reasons), comprise the communication of data to third parties for operational and organizational needs (those that provide computer, archival, shipping, or payment management services), fulfillment of obligations relating to the adherence to the unilateral initiatives of the company, for example contests, competitions, prize vacations, etc. For the reasons listed in the preceding points, failure to provide data entails the impossibility, total or partial, for the company to begin and/or continue the contractual relationship. Fulfillment of requirements relating to the selection phase before beginning of the contractual relationship (for example, the acquisition of CVs and the compilation of questionnaire responses), access to services provided on internet site, sending an e-mail request from the party to the internet site following the publication of works, comments, edits or messages of interest by the party, sending a request by the party for the periodic newsletter on activities from the internet site, sending informational, advertising, or promotional material on the activities of the company Portizzolo s.a.s. di Consolini Luigi & c. 25083 Gardone Riviera (BS) - Via Repubblica, 58 - Tel: 0365.21558 - Fax: 0365.21966 -


The law defines "sensitive data" as personal data which reveals racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other convictions, political opinions or membership in political, labor, religious or philosophical associations, health status or sex life. The company does not collect or handle any sensitive data. 


The handling of personal data occurs through manual, computer, and data transmission tools with reasoning strictly correlated to the ends indicated above, in a manner which guarantees the security and confidentiality of the data. Some handling may happen, for the ends and with the methods described above, and with respect to the appropriate criteria for guaranteeing confidentiality and security by the company -- responsible party regarding the handling of said data -- that they provide instrumental services, necessary to the execution of contractual obligations. 


Article 7 of the law grants the party specific rights. In particular, the party can obtain from the company confirmation of the existence or non-existence of his own personal data, and that such data must be made available to him in an understandable form. The party can also request the origin of the data, as well as the reasoning and purpose for which the data is handled, to cancel the data, to have the data made anonymous or block data handling that is in violation of the law, as well as the updating, the correction, or, if desired, the integration of data, and to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the handling of data itself. More information on the handling of data and the communication of the party's personal data can be requested directly from the headquarters of Portizzolo s.a.s. di Consolini Luigi & c. 25083 Gardone Riviera (BS) - Via Repubblica, 58 - Tel: 0365.21558 - Fax: 0365.21966 -


Responsible for the handling of personal data is the company Portizzolo s.a.s. di Consolini Luigi & c. 25083 Gardone Riviera (BS) - Via Repubblica, 58 - Tel: 0365.21558 - Fax: 0365.21966 -


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